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Main » 2008 » July » 6 » The creation of a high-ploy model of the schattenjager talisman (done)
The creation of a high-ploy model of the schattenjager talisman (done)
8:35 PM

I’ve always wanted to create a high-poly model of the schattenjager talisman, but wasn’t skilled enough to make it look good, now I think it’s time for me to have a try…

I’ve noticed that there is a certain difference between the talismans in each of the 3 parts.

Originally designed art of the talisman in GK1.
The engraved hand made version of the talisman for GK2.
And 3d version of it for GK3. As you can see the talisman of the third part is just the texture of the GK2 talisman applied to a low-poly 3D-model:

               GK1 talisman                             GK2 talisman                             GK3 talisman

here are many distinctions in the different artworks of the various artists, you can see them in the “talisman images” section of the gallery. To create my own 3D model I would like to use the original artwork from GK1 as reference.

I‘ve found a part of a good, high resolution image of the original talisman on the cover of Jane Jensen’s “Sins of the fathers” book:
After some adjustments and Photoshop composing we have a full high-resolution image that can be used as a reference and as a diffuse-texture when the model is ready.

      The talisman from the book cover                                      Recovered image

The model:
At this stage of work I‘ve used 3Ds Max to create a 3d model of the talisman.

               3d talisman wire mesh                                                  simple render

Added the relief images of the lion and snake. I’ve also added the chain. The model is almost finished.

Texturing, Shading and render.

I used the texture, that I’ve created using the image from the cover of the book “Sins of the Fathers”.  I also used this texture as a “bump-texture” to render some visual “depth” to the image. Now it looks better. The last thing to do was to set the lighting and reflections. You can see the result below.

So here is the completed image of the talisman. This model can now be used for animation or various graphic compositions. Later I’d like to do a series of high-resolution wallpapers that will be available for downloading from the wallpapers section.

I am doing this just for fun, I just feel like I’m playing GK again, besides it gives me some pleasant practice.
Next, I am going to create a high poly model of Gabriel, I already have some work done.

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11 DrigoRJ20  
I am an admirer of Gabriel Knight´s games and I loved to find your site. I was delighted with the site layout and modeling talisman. Genial!
I intend to make a short animation with the characters Gabriel and Grace to rekindle the faith of fans in continuation of the series. Would you like to help me?

10 lexos  
man that's just great piece of art.great job!!!you are a true gabriel knight we all.

9 Curry  
Hi, just found your amazing 3-D Talisman via Google and wanted to ask if there is a place where one can download the file. I got a friend who has a 3D Printer and it would be awesome to create the Talisman in real life, of course only if you don't mind me using your 3-D image as a template. :)

12 Kojiro  
I would absolutely second this. PLEASE release the mesh! I will even pay you for it.

8 GKfan  
This is an almost unbelieveble piece of art! I'm looking forward to model of Gabriel.
Greetings from Germany!

7 chronos  
that was amazing! nice work

6 Thetargos  
Incredible! Astonishing! I'm a HUGE fan of the whole GK series. There is much detail in your final render image, is like an actual photograph of the REAL Schattenjäger Talisman, is amazing!

5 Ingwell  
This is wonderful! biggrin

4 Nico Sels  
absolutely beautiful work! keen to see what comes next.
love your website! :)

3 Retro-Guy  
Unbelievable GOOOOOD!!!
The Schattenjäger-Talisman in all his glory!
You are a true GK-Fan!

2 GKone  
One word: Awesome!

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