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The project was made for all GKers as a database of GK art and other materials and in order to assist in the Gabriel Knight 4 Campaign. Who knows, maybe some of the original game developers will notice this GK community even after 15 years since the first release. Let’s hope that there is still future for adventure games or at least for GK series.

Any help from your side will be greatly appreciated
Printed and internet articles concerning the Gabrial Knight series: reviews, interviews, walkthroughs, tips and tricks, trivia, fan-fiction, etc.

A collection of GK visual art: graphics, covers, wallpapers, screenshots, ads, fan-art, etc. 

This section of the site is some kind of a "blog”, where I am going to publish all my sketches, artworks, renders and thoughts devoted to the Gabriel Knight series.

It’s still fan art of course; I am not going to make a game, or something Jane Jensen wouldn’t approve.

I would just like to share my impressions about the "GK series”. I really love the art atmosphere created by talented programmers, designers, musicians and artists of the series.  I have some experience working as an illustrator, 3d-modeller and texture artist. Thus, I’m going to use my skills to make some new pictures using "GK" art style as reference.

Perhaps some of you will find my works interesting. I’ll do my best. ;)

A database of demos, soundtracks, patches, tools, mods – anything that could be of interest for a GK fan.
 This unofficial forum is made for any kind of discussions concerning this Project and not only. Share your opinions and suggest your ideas.
 A selection of links to the official and unofficial GK sites.


Criticize or pay your compliments. Or just say hello. ;)