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Welcome to the "Pendulum of Life"

This site was made in support of
GK4 campaign.

This project is dedicated to a "Gabriel Knight” series of games (composed of
Gabriel Knight: "Sins of the Fathers",
"The Beast Within": A Gabriel Knight mystery
Gabriel Knight 3: "Blood of the Sacred. Blood of the Damned
".) designed by Jane Jensen.

The site is a collection of all kinds of materials regarding the GK series.
You can also find here some links to official and fan sites throughout the web.

you like adventure games but have never played GK before, you’ve missed
the most outstanding exemplar of the genre: exiting plot, thrilling
gameplay, amazing soundtrack, magnificent graphics (in one's time, to
be sure), and vivid characters

The main idea of this project is to gather more info about GK world and shrare it with the fans,
but mostly it’s about the art of the series
Everyone is welcome to participate. And don't forget to visit

GK4 campaign forums.

you like to help running the site or share something you have made for GK (a review,
walkthrough, fiction, art, mode, rare or exclusive material or
anything) fell free to place it here. Just contact me or become a registered user.
See "About"  for more site info.

The site is still under construction, please see the "Latest Updates"