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26. Sean Parker [seanparkerfilms]  (2020-02-08 7:20 PM)
There has been pretty significant momentum on a new petition for Gabriel Knight 4, which Robert Holmes (composer and husband of Jane Jensen) has signed and shared. The fans behind this effort have been in touch with him and Jane Jensen to ensure this is what they want. Robert and Jane are both very interested in creating more Gabriel Knight mysteries, but don't believe that enough people still care about the series to make it a financial feasibility. If you want to prove to them that the opposite is true, sign the petition today, and celebrate the legacy of this dark series by giving it a bright future. https://www.change.org/p....etition

25. Mark de Ridder [Gamecareer]  (2014-03-30 11:43 PM)
Awesome website. I am currently replaying the games and did two Let's Plays of the demo's.
You can find the links here:

What I wanted to ask is, do you have high res images of the original DEMO disk scans I might add to them?



24. Gerry   (2014-01-04 9:54 AM)
A remake of GK1 is in development (www.gabrielknight20th.com).

23. LeanderDane   (2013-11-28 3:30 AM)
Hey! Just wondering if you still look at this website and was also wondering if you would sell me the mesh lines for the talisman.
There are a lot of people here that really want the mesh to make the medallion in real life and it would be amazing if you could respond.

Let us know! Thanks!!

22. Heath Eblen [Kojiro]  (2013-09-01 3:04 AM)

I'm a GK fan and I'd really love to get a copy of the mesh you made for the talisman so I can get one 3d printed. If you're willing to sell the mesh, please let me know!

21. kitsune   (2012-12-16 7:24 PM)
Great work!
I still regret loosing my gamebox gk2 during the last move to a new flat.

20. Patrick   (2012-11-26 10:24 PM)
Can anyone tell me what and where is the statue of the women/angel with her fingers in her hair that is on the disk and title page of GK3?

19. Natasha   (2012-10-25 8:16 AM)
Hi, I'm from Brazil! And I'm a HUGE fan of GK! Is very nice to see that even now there's still fans of GK!
Is there still any chance that Jane Jansen make GK4? biggrin

18. Ingwell [Ingwell]  (2012-05-03 9:37 AM)
Jane Jensen's Moebius and Pinkerton Road Studio
The Simple Truths About Our Campaign:

1) This campaign is for a new adventure game from Jane Jensen, the creator behind Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter adventure games (as well as King's Quest VI).

2) Jane and her husband, composer Robert Holmes, are starting a new studio that will be solely focused on story-driven, 3rd person adventure games.

3) The first game we are creating is Moebius! See additional detail below.

4) It is a goal of ours as a studio to be able to eventually work on more Gabriel Knight games. Having a successful first year with Moebius is a great step in that direction.

5) We need your help. Pledge your support and spread the word. biggrin

17. Chris Sand   (2012-05-03 7:46 AM)
Jane Jensen is gathering funding for her new game Moebius (spiritual successor of Gabriel Knight) until May 19th, 2012. Jane and her Husband, Robert Holmes, have started up their own studio to create the intense and complex adventures that they miss. One of there biggest goals is to prove themselves and become profitable enough to purchase the license or rights the the Gabriel Knight franchise, currently owned by Activision. Come join this effort and help make their dreams, and your own, come true!


16. BypeEffiple   (2012-04-27 2:22 AM)
Hi, I'm new on this forum and I want to say hello. I read a lot of time but today I want to say this is very good site.

15. Gerry   (2011-07-01 10:34 AM)

if you ever wanted to take a look at the original artwork which was used in Gabriel Knight, I recommend to visit http://www.mattsalzberg.com/art . The blogger bought a lot of Sierra artwork from a former Sierra employee and presents a lot of photos of Gabriel Knight artwork in his blog.

Have a nice weekend.

Answer: Thank you Gerald, this is a really worthwhile link.

14. Robert Holmes   (2011-03-23 9:57 PM)
Very Nice Site!! Thanks for doing this!
Answer: Thank you Robert. Really don't know what to say.
It's like touching the legend.
For some reason I believe that you are real.

13. lexos lexos [lexos]  (2010-12-21 7:51 PM)
i have only got through GK2 the beast within and believe me although it's three years before i always come back after a litle time to play rhe game once again so i can live in these great places and adventures of this game.i always wanted the soundtrack of the game and at last i found a home of my passion for GK2.many thanks my friend and all you guys for suporting this site.i also agree that the color of the site is perfect.keep up the good work.
Answer: Thanks for kind words Lexos, glad that you have found something usefull here.

12. Gerry   (2010-08-03 12:45 PM)

I just discovered this website today and really enjoyed looking through your collection. Although I thought to have already seen everything about the GK series, I was surprised to find unfamiliar images on your website.

As a German, it's quite funny to listen to the characters from GK2 speaking German.

The talisman looks really great! Good job!

I'm looking forward for your 2010 update.

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