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11. Tolga Öcek [Retro-Guy]  (2009-12-29 2:19 PM)
Your site is really good designed. It has the dark flair of GK. tongue

10. Mona   (2009-05-28 4:39 PM)
Such a wonderful site! The Gabriel Knight games will always be my favorite game series and I am so glad to have discovered your treasure trove. Thank you!
Answer: Thank you for devotion to the series Mona

9. meta nucleo [metanucleo]  (2009-04-19 9:05 AM)
i love your site :P nice work
Answer: Do my best.

8. Kristen Potter [Sephyll_Illune]  (2009-01-08 11:24 PM)
I'm around the boards...if anyone wants to make more of it. I have my more extensive history into Gabriel Knight on here...so yeah. smile
This place is very beautiful though. GREAT work! wink
Answer: Welcome aboard Kristen, very glad to meet you, and enjoy your stay.

7. Almirena   (2008-11-15 10:17 AM)
Simply amazing. Boris, this is so beautiful to look at - it's very luxurious and colour-rich. Your love for this series rings true in the work you have done.
Answer: Thank you Almirena, I am very happy that such true-devoted and famous GKer as you, finds this project interesting. I'll try not let you down.

6. Pavel Soukenik [soukie]  (2008-11-01 12:23 PM)
Thanks for your effort on this great site. Sins of the Fathers was the first CD-ROM I bought and I have so many fond memories of this game. Thanks again, and feel free to check out my article What Makes a Schattenjäger.
Answer: Thank you Pavel, GK SotF is my favorite part too. By the way you made a great Article, I’ll link it as soon as possible.

5. Eirik B Andersson [beholdTHEgolfbag]  (2008-10-20 11:36 PM)
This looks awesome! I'm glad someone took the freedom to breath life into the GK universe by creating this beautiful site! Thumbs up! Let's do this! Convince people that Gabriel Knight should appear in game # 4! biggrin
Answer: Thank you Eirik, I really glad you like it. There are many people who believe that some day GK4 will be released. We don’t have to give up!

4. Roll   (2008-09-22 3:38 AM)
Answer: wink

3. Kura   (2008-09-09 3:31 PM)
WOW! Your Work in Process is just gorgeous! The talisman looks stunning! I’m amazed! surprised
I think Vivendi should invite you for GK4!
Answer: smile Thanks for your kind words, it would have been an honor for me to do something that might help GK4 to be released. The question is, does Vivendi want it to be released?

2. Ajantis   (2008-09-03 8:48 AM)
Gratz on your site! I have found some very interesting things here, great place to visit for a GK fan! Thanks smile
Answer: Thank you Ajantis, I'm really happy that you've found this site interesting! I'll try to do my best

1. The Crazy Owl   (2008-06-19 5:20 PM)
Your site is visually stunning.

It is clear that you have started a quite ambitious project: I wish you the best of luck. Keep up the good work, for all GKers to come, and for the old ones, too. smile

Answer: Thank you The Crazy Owl, I think i could proud that you are the first visitor.

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