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Here it is, feel  free to download it as many of you, guys requested. Have fun and hope it helps.

Just click on the picture to start download.

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"What can you tell me about Voodoo?”

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers ®Jane Jensen’s classic adventure game featuring a series of voodoo murders, New Orleans, forbidden romance, and the most charming womanizer you ever met, is back. Winner of numerous industry awards when it appeared in 1993, this 20th anniversary update will be better than ever with high res graphics, an all new remastered soundtrack, behind-the-scenes goodies, and the great gameplay and story of the original.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers was the first Gabriel Knight adventure game, released in December 1993. Twenty years later, Jane’s indie studio Pinkerton Road has licensed the Gabriel Knight IP from Activision (the current license-holder) to create a new version of Sins of the Fathers for iPad, PC, Mac, and Android. This 20th anniversary remake will release in mid-2014.


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Inventory updates:

A rare GK2 roling demo is now available for downloading.
Now the collection of demos is complete.

Gabriel Knight 2 demo released in the end of 1994, featuring three AVI clips (Howling wolves, Sierra moon logo, and GK2 promo), a couple of rare pictures of the in-game locations, an ambience soundtrack for slideshow and a user-friendly interface.

In order to run the application under XP please set up the compatibility mode first: extract the archive, right click on the SCIW.EXE, go to Compatibility, set “run this program in compatibility mode” - Windows 95, and set “run in 256 colors” in Display Settings.
Run the application. To get rid of the annoying popup window inside - run setup once, install the program into your hard drive then use the created shortcut to run the GK2 demo.
However, you may have an application crash while watching the slideshow. In that case you have to overwrite 300.AUD file by this one. The problem will be fixed, but unfortunately the sound will be off.
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Hoping that you’ve enjoyed your winter holidays I would like to and wish you the best of luck in the New Year.
Unfortunately I did not have enough time to keep the site updated regularly lately, but I’m doing my best to keep it up.

Design updates:

The design has been slightly changed: All the news note are now moved to “Latest Updates” section.  

The Gallery updates:


GK3 Timeblocks: images with timeblock Bible (This document outlines where actors start in their timeblocks, what they do, and what the player needs to accomplish for time to advance) for each part.
Artworks Sketches: A few cleared high resolution images from book covers and magazines have been added.
Wallpapers Collages: I tried to collect all official Wallpapers and Collages made by GK fans. Most of them are by Paula Kutvonen and Nate Wolfe.
Graphic Novels:  Both high resolution (1265x2000) graphical novels have been added. 

Links updates:

More than 50 GK related site links have been added to Links list. There are many GK related sites. In order to sort them out, the links will be supplemented with thumbnails and short descriptions (in process).

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Two new sections were added to the “Gallery”:


"Alfa/beta, unreleased" and "Promos".
The first one contains a number of screenshots which can not be found in the final release of the game.
Promo-section contains a selection of rare materials which were created in the process of game-developing: for example, a demo slide-show of "The Beast Within" and also some hidden materials that were found (not by me) in the source-code of the game..

I’ve also finished the 3D Model of the Schattenjager talisman. You can see the renders in my Work in Progress. 
And, I’ve also added better quality cover artworks for soundtracks, as The Crazy Owl and no_ron requested. You can download them in the “Soundtrack” section, each image linked to the corresponding album.

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Gabriel Knight: "Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned" soundtrack

I couldn’t find a full GK3 soundtrack in the Internet, so I decided to make my own version of it.
The tracks have been extracted, arranged, merged, resampled, named, and uploaded. I also reduced background noise in some of the tracks.

Most of the tracks are composed of several small parts in the same order as they appear in the game (For example “Grace’s accession” consist of three parts: CSEGRACECLIMB.WAV; CSEPRECLIMB2.WAV; CSEGRACECLIMB2.WAV, and “Nocturne” consists of: NOCTURNEINTRO.WAV; NOCTURNE.WAV; NOCTURNEFAST.WAV).
I did not include into this soundtrack such short parts as: WILKESDEAD.WAV, GABEVISION.WAV, TEMPLEDEATHTAG.WAV etc. There are also 4 fun tracks i have found in the source:
BARDISCO.WAV, CIRCUS1.WAV, CIRCUS2.WAV, PARADE.WAV, and an interesting mix: TE6DEMON.WAV that you can find in "GK Remixes" album.

All the tracks recorded: 128kbps  44kHz. Same quality as in the Game. Total time: 1:23:50,  size - about 80mb.
Enjoy the music, it‘s really great.

Composers: Robert Holmes, David Henry ©1998
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