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One more album was added into the soundtrack section.
4:43 PM

Gabriel Knight: "Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned" soundtrack

I couldn’t find a full GK3 soundtrack in the Internet, so I decided to make my own version of it.
The tracks have been extracted, arranged, merged, resampled, named, and uploaded. I also reduced background noise in some of the tracks.

Most of the tracks are composed of several small parts in the same order as they appear in the game (For example “Grace’s accession” consist of three parts: CSEGRACECLIMB.WAV; CSEPRECLIMB2.WAV; CSEGRACECLIMB2.WAV, and “Nocturne” consists of: NOCTURNEINTRO.WAV; NOCTURNE.WAV; NOCTURNEFAST.WAV).
I did not include into this soundtrack such short parts as: WILKESDEAD.WAV, GABEVISION.WAV, TEMPLEDEATHTAG.WAV etc. There are also 4 fun tracks i have found in the source:
BARDISCO.WAV, CIRCUS1.WAV, CIRCUS2.WAV, PARADE.WAV, and an interesting mix: TE6DEMON.WAV that you can find in "GK Remixes" album.

All the tracks recorded: 128kbps  44kHz. Same quality as in the Game. Total time: 1:23:50,  size - about 80mb.
Enjoy the music, it‘s really great.

Composers: Robert Holmes, David Henry ©1998
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