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Gabriel Knight: "Sins of the Fathers" digital soundtrack worked out by Alistair Gillet
[ Download from this server (435.7 Kb) ] 2008-07-01, 1:31 PM

The soundtrack CD is the original Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 (General MIDI) soundtrack, mixed with Roland MT-32 and Roland Sound Canvas SC-8850 ED enhancement tracks (and two bonus digital tracks). All the digital tracks are encoded in Ogg Vorbis format at a rate of 44.1 kHz in stereo, using the variable bitrate method at a quality of 4.5.

This soundtrack has been worked out by Alistair Gillett, you can download it from his SMC project page, along with others remastered soundtracks to the games by Sierra On-Line. At the moment Alistair works on improved MP3 version of GK1

soundtrack. He kindly let me place it here as soon as it will be available.

Composer: Robert Holmes ©1993

01) Sierra Fanfare
02) Main title (Gabriel's Theme)
03) Prologue - Gabriel's Nightmare
04) Day 1 Chimes
05) St. George's Bookshop
06) New Orleans Map
07) Jackson Square - The Blues Band
08) Jackson Square - The Jazz Band
09) Jackson Square - The Cajun Band
10) Jackson Square - The Rada Drummer
11) Grandmother Knight
12) St. Louis Cemetery #1
13) Police Station
14) The Crime Scene (Lake Pontchartrain)
15) Detective Mosely
16) Historical Voodoo Museum (Dr. John's Theme)
17) Dixieland Drugstore
18) The Gedde Estate
19) Malia Gedde
20) Gabriel's Radio
21) Magentia Moonbeam
22) Jazz Band plays "Oh when the saints"
23) Madame Lorelei
24) Tulane University
25) Napoleon House
26) The Crash Interrogation
27) St. Louis' Cathedral
28) Cazaunoux Residence
29) Voodoo Museum Snake Attack
30) The Gedde Tomb (Death Theme)
31) Bayou St. John
32) The Bayou Ritual
33) Flight to Germany
34) Schloss Ritter - The Great Hall
35) Schloss Ritter Chapel
36) The Schattenjäger Bedroom
37) Purification Dream (digital)
38) The Schattenjäger Library
39) Africa
40) The Snake Mound (Wheel-Within-A-Wheel)
41) Wolfgang Ritter
42) Return To New Orleans - Day 10 Theme
43) Secret Voodoo Hounfour
44) Animal Room
45) The Last Ritual (Tetelo Defeated)
46) Closing Theme
47) Main title (Gabriel's Theme digital) - bonus track

GK1 soundtrack Cover artwork 1024x1024

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