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Day 3, noon – 3 p.m.: Grace

Actor Setup (1ST HALF)

• Mosely and Gabriel are in Rennes-les-Bains at the bar having lunch and then talking.
• Emilio is back in his room.
• Buchelli will be in his room, in the hall, or out in the valley, as indicated in the scenes below.
• Buthane is initially in the dining room having lunch. So are Lady Howard and Estelle.
• Once Grace has put the temple divisions on the map, everything stays the same in the dining room, but Emilio will leave the hotel again and be ‘gone’ with his moped until the end of this time block.

Actor Setup (GOT CLUE NOTE 4)

• Mosely and Gabriel are in Rennes-les-Bains at the bar having lunch and then talking.
• Buchelli is at BMB
• Lady Howard and Estelle are at Wood’s site..
• Emilio is offstage.
• Larry is at RC1, and then goes to BET (after grace solves offee-ick-us)

Completion Rules

• Visit top hexagram arm site and find note
• Visit Le Bec & find Wilkes' handkerchief & note
• Look up Magi & Solomon
• See Buchelli’s moped parked off the road (from CD1)
• Read e-mail from SIDNEY
• Visit the Site
• Put the red serpent on the map

Completion Action
In R25 after all flags are set, play end sequence. Show timeblock change screen. Start Denouement.

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