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Main » Gallery » Fan Art » Gabriel Knight in 20mins by auriond

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Artist's Comments

Gabriel Knight, done in PaintBBS and attempting to recreate the style of Ron Spears. Done with no reference.
You can view the drawing process animation at [link] .
Gabriel Knight belongs to Jane Jensen. Make more GK games!
For those not so in the know:-
Gabriel Knight was a series of adventure games that is probably single-handedly responsible for my liking of all things dark and twisted, up to and including Silent Hill. It had occult and supernatural storylines in the style of the Da Vinci Code long before all that came into fashion.
PaintBBS is an oekaki program. Click the animation link, it'll probably explain better than I can.
Ron Spears' GK3 art: [link]

Work by auriond
Views: 513 | Dimensions: 450x450px/30.9Kb | Rating: 3.0/2 | Date: 2009-09-03 | BelBor

Total comments: 0

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