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Main » Gallery » Fan Art » Librairie Knight by Choeur and team

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Artist's Comments

Here is the final project we did for the 3D introduction class.
We were a team of 3 which we had to do a replica as close as possible of the pixel image we had. The image was taken from one of my teacher's favorite game; Gabriel Knight.

I think it's a great project it lets us see that if we work good together we are able to target our goals.
I have done the modelisation, the texturing and placed all the following items;
books, the bookholder at the bottom right, the cashier, the painting on the wall, the magnifying glass, the stamp, the journal, the chair and the Post-it !

All the others item have been equally shared with my 2 other commarades and the lightning has been done by Shawn Bauer ! (Thank you Shawn)

We wont work on it anymore, but comments and critics are welcome !

Work by Julie "Choeur" and team.
Views: 740 | Dimensions: 1049x851px/665.9Kb | Rating: 5.0/1 | Date: 2009-09-16 | BelBor
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Total comments: 2
2 Retro-Guy   [Entry]
Really good! shok
I can imagine a remake of the game in this style.

1 metanucleo   [Entry]
this is awesome wink

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