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Hoping that you’ve enjoyed your winter holidays I would like to and wish you the best of luck in the New Year.
Unfortunately I did not have enough time to keep the site updated regularly lately, but I’m doing my best to keep it up.

Design updates:

The design has been slightly changed: All the news note are now moved to “Latest Updates” section.  

The Gallery updates:


GK3 Timeblocks: images with timeblock Bible (This document outlines where actors start in their timeblocks, what they do, and what the player needs to accomplish for time to advance) for each part.
Artworks Sketches: A few cleared high resolution images from book covers and magazines have been added.
Wallpapers Collages: I tried to collect all official Wallpapers and Collages made by GK fans. Most of them are by Paula Kutvonen and Nate Wolfe.
Graphic Novels:  Both high resolution (1265x2000) graphical novels have been added. 

Links updates:

More than 50 GK related site links have been added to Links list. There are many GK related sites. In order to sort them out, the links will be supplemented with thumbnails and short descriptions (in process).

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