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Inventory updates:

A rare GK2 roling demo is now available for downloading.
Now the collection of demos is complete.

Gabriel Knight 2 demo released in the end of 1994, featuring three AVI clips (Howling wolves, Sierra moon logo, and GK2 promo), a couple of rare pictures of the in-game locations, an ambience soundtrack for slideshow and a user-friendly interface.

In order to run the application under XP please set up the compatibility mode first: extract the archive, right click on the SCIW.EXE, go to Compatibility, set “run this program in compatibility mode” - Windows 95, and set “run in 256 colors” in Display Settings.
Run the application. To get rid of the annoying popup window inside - run setup once, install the program into your hard drive then use the created shortcut to run the GK2 demo.
However, you may have an application crash while watching the slideshow. In that case you have to overwrite 300.AUD file by this one. The problem will be fixed, but unfortunately the sound will be off.
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