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Day 1, 4 - 6 p.m.: Gabriel

Actor Setup

• We will assume that while Gabriel was out of town Estelle, Emilio and Buchelli all succeeded in renting mopeds. Buchelli’s moped is in the moped courtyard.
• Estelle and Lady Howard are driving around the valley on a moped with a sidecar ‘looking around’ just as Mosely was doing in the last section. They will not stop anywhere.
• Mosely is at L’Homme Mort, which is right next to Coume-Sourde. He will run into Buthane there. Mosely will remain at Coume-Sourde after this scene.
• Wilkes is now at Roque Nègre (across from Château de Blanchefort and near Mt Cardou) with his seismic survey equipment.
• Buthane is still at Coume-Sourde, but once she has her scene with Mosely, she’ll get in her van and drive back to Rennes-le-Château. She then goes to the church and ends up with the Abbé in his office.
• Emilio is at Château de Blanchefort. His rented moped is parked at the bottom of the hill.
• Buchelli is in his room.

Completion Rules

• EITHER: See arrivals board at train station and talk to taxi driver re: black sedan –OR-- Talk to Larry re: Templars
• Talk to Wilkes about MACHINE (if not already done)
• See the ‘Buthane and Mosely collide’ scene

Completion Action
On entering RC1 after all flags are set, show timeblock change screen, start Gabriel in RC1, now Grace and two men are in RC1.

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