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Day 1, noon – 2 p.m.: Gabriel; timeblock 112p

Actor setup (1ST HALF)

• Mosely is in his hotel room (but he won’t answer the door, hear shower noises)
• Emilio, Lady Howard, and Estelle are upstairs, moving their belongings in a room exchange. After that, they’ll be in their rooms until the mid-time block change.
• Buthane and Wilkes are eating lunch in the hotel dining room
• The Abbé is in the church (CHU)
• Buchelli is in the church (CHU)


• Mosely is in his hotel room (but he still won’t answer the door -- now we hear a hair dryer)
• Emilio is at Tour Magdala
• Lady Howard, and Estelle are in the dinning room
• Wilkes is in his room
• The Abbé is in the church (CHU)
• Buchelli walks from the CHU to the dining room
• Buthane is offstage

Completion Rules

• Talk to the Abbé re: Templars
• Talk to Buchelli T_CHECK_IN
• Talk to Mosely in his room re: the case and Grace

Completion Action
On entering RC1 after all flags are set, show timeblock change screen, start Gabriel in RC1.

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